Send Texts with ExcelSend

ExcelSend uses the contact information in your spreadsheets to send text messages in a personalized, engaging, and meaningful way.

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ExcelSend gives you the power to

personalized text messages

Send Personalized Texts

Appointment reminders, balance alerts, order collections.

receive and send replies

2-Way Text Conversation

You receive replies to your email inbox. Your replies are sent by SMS.

keep your data secure

Keep your Data Secure

With the Desktop App your data is not uploaded

Formatting codes

Field Merging and Formatting

Correctly format date and currency values from your spreadsheet

Preview all messages before sending

Preview before Send

Ensure your message looks perfect before sending

Keep your customers informed and up to date

Provide a Better Service

Impress your customers with increased efficiency

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We are DiaryBook and thanks to our decades of experience managing business critical messaging for small businesses like yours, we have messaging in our DNA. Through continuous innovation alongside an evolving world, we now provide a modern, durable, and scalable service that allows businesses to engage with their customers via email, voice, and SMS messaging using data from Microsoft Excel spreadsheets.

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Web or Win10

ExcelSend can be used in your browser or with the Windows 10 App.


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Start a meaningful and engaging connection with your clients and staff

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