Text Messaging
For Business

Text Messaging
For Business

ExcelSend uses the contact information in your spreadsheets to send text messages in a personalized, engaging, and meaningful way.

Get started

Send texts from your spreadsheet

Install the Office 365 ExcelSend Add In to harness the power of ExcelSend text messaging in your spreadsheet
From inside your spreadsheet
Use the ExcelSend Add In from Microsoft Excel ™
Run ExcelSend on your Windows 10 desktop
Upload Google Sheets, .XLS and .XLSX format files to the ExcelSend web portal

Automatically receive replies back to your sheet

From inside your spreadsheet

Email to SMS keeps the conversation going

You do not use a mobile phone or SIM card when sending text messages with ExcelSend. Instead you are using a DiaryBook mobile number and when you receive a reply, it is delivered to your email inbox.

Who's Using ExcelSend

Hospitals and Clinics
Our service fills the gaps when integrated hospital management systems are not flexibile enough. Clinic managers send out their appointment reminders to keep the number of no-shows down.
Food Delivery Outlets
More now than ever with COVID these services send out special offers by text and let ExcelSend take care of opt-outs automatically.
Teachers and Lecturers
Schools are using us to not only help schedule activities such as sports and fitness programs but to inform parents of absenteeism and PTA meetings.
Recruitment and HR Managers
Our HR customers use text to schedule their contract staff telling them where and when they need to be.
Fish markets, oil suppliers, share trading - you name it. These folk use ExcelSend to update their buyers with current prices straight from their Spreadsheet.
Businesses of all types
COVID-19 has produced huge challenges for businesses across the world needing them to keep in touch with staff and customers more than ever.

A Pragmatic Approach

Shallow Learning Curve
We've distilled 20 years of experience and created this simplified UI to make powerful features more accessible.
Keeping you Compliant
Our service offers an automated opt-out service that is tailored and accessible to wherever your contacts are.
A2P 10DLC in the US
Our new Trust Center makes registration quick and easy. what is A2P 10DLC...
Get to the Meat
ExcelSend helps business realize all the benefits of text messaging without consuming IT resources or engaging software developers