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A Microsoft Excel Add-in for SMS Messaging

An integrated solution that turns your Excel spreadsheet in to a powerful communication tool allowing you to easily send SMS text messages that are based on your spreadsheet data
The ExcelSend platform manages your messages including any replies that you receive so that they can be added back in to your spreadsheet alongside the original contact data
We also help businesses manage their opt-outs by monitoring responses and providing an opt-out link. Recipients are protected and any further messages addressed to them are automatically blocked

Who's Using ExcelSend

Hospitals and Clinics
Our service fills the gaps when integrated hospital management systems are not flexibile enough. Clinic managers send out their appointment reminders to keep the number of no-shows down
Food Delivery Outlets
More now than ever with COVID these services send out special offers by text and let ExcelSend take care of opt-outs automatically
Teachers and Lecturers
Schools are using us to not only help schedule activities such as sports and fitness programs but to inform parents of absenteeism and PTA meetings
Recruitment and HR Managers
Our HR customers use text to schedule their contract staff telling them where and when they need to be
Fish markets, cereals, metals, share trading - you name it. These folk use ExcelSend to update their buyers with current prices straight from their Spreadsheet
Businesses of all types
COVID-19 has produced huge challenges for businesses across the world needing them to keep in touch with staff and customers more than ever


We're not everywhere! But we're growing
ExcelSend needs to adapt to the capabilities and requirements of each country we operate in. Please check out what is available in your country

Waiting List Demonstration

In this demonstration, see how hospital departments are managing their waiting lists using SMS from Microsoft Excel

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