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Spreadsheet Layout

ExcelSend reads the information, such as phone numbers, from your spreadsheet as a table. To ensure that ExcelSend can access all the information from your spreadsheet please follow the tips below for spreadsheet formatting.

General Layout

  • Ensure that your table of data starts in cell A1
  • Records are organised in to rows
  • The first row (1) should contain the field names
  • Subsequent rows should contain the field values
  • Avoid blank columns or blank rows – ExcelSend will not look beyond these

Sheet Names

ExcelSend will work from any sheet in your spreadsheet file but will only do one sheet at a time. Remember to name your sheets appropriately so that it is easier to access them from the ExcelSend program. To change the name of a sheet simply double-click the existing name.

Opening in ExcelSend

Remember to save and close your spreadsheet in Excel before opening it in ExcelSend. ExcelSend can open both Excel 97-2003 Workbook (.xls) and Excel Workbook (.xlsx) formats.

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