Reply Numbers

Reply numbers work like any other mobile number in that they allow your recipients to reply to your text message. But how do they work, do you need one and where do the replies actually go?

Country Specific Rules

United States

All messages sent in the US use a reply number. Since the fall of 2021 you need to register a reply number to send text messages. This is part of the A2P 10DLC industry regulations that were introduced to build trust between the message sender, the mobile networks and the message receiver.

ExcelSend's Trust Center enables you to register your company details, messaging intentions and rent a reply number suitable to your business's location.


All messages sent in Canada use a DiaryBook shared reply number. In certain areas of Canada custom reply numbers may be available. Please contact us for more information.


Messages sent countries in Europe can either use a reply number or an alpha-numeric sender id. UK/ROI users who want replies will have a reply number automatically assigned to their message. Mobile numbers here are not geographic in nature. You can also opt to use a sender id that loosly matches your business name. When a message is sent with a sender id the recipient is unable to reply to the message.

SMS to Email

Replies received by your messages can be forwarded to your work email. No need for a work phone or using your personal mobile. Each reply is converted to email and sent to your inbox.

You can reply to the email and your message will be converted back to SMS and sent to the original recipient. This enables 2-way conversations to occur with your contacts from the convenience of your email client.

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