Help - Reply Numbers

must come from somewhere
Every business has an identity, and every identity should properly portray who and what that business is. With that in mind, consider that every message must come from somewhere. In the case of ExcelSend, that means the messages you send to your clients and customers will include a reply number.

random number usage
Without a suitable reply number, an ExcelSend service number will be used in place of your reply number on the message sent through ExcelSend. This has the potential to cause issues because the reply number seen by your clients or customers will likely be from a different state and area code. This may not be an ideal setup for your business.

get your own fixed number
However, you can purchase a reply number that’s most suitable for your business - one that includes your local area code, for example. So, all the messages you send through ExcelSend will originate from that number, giving your clients or customers peace of mind. Any replies from your clients or customers will be sent to an email address you provide. A small monthly fee is incurred for reply numbers.

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