ExcelSend Features

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Office 365 Add In
Open ExcelSend inside your Microsoft Excel ™ desktop or web application
Windows 10 App
Add ExcelSend to your Windows desktop from the Microsoft Store
Any Platform
Access ExcelSend online and use data from Google Sheets, XLS and .XLSX formatted files
Report Fields
Update your spreadsheet with delivery results and replies from your users
Field Merging
Merge data from your spreadsheet in to the body of your text message. Select the fields from a drop down on the compose screen.
Advanced Formatting
ExcelSend provides advanced merging enabling you to control the format of data from your spreadsheet.
Pin Spreadsheets
Your data is automatically removed after it's used but to use it again you can pin it to your account.
Preview Message job
After merging data from your spreadsheet, review how your messages look and their final size before sending.
Delayed Send
You can queue your messages to go at a future date and time.
Replies Handled
Replies to your message are handled automatically by ExcelSend - from mobile phone to your email inbox
Message Job Status
View the progress of your message job including delivery stats, opt-out metrics and message lists.
Compose and Save
Once you've crafted your message save it to your account for re-use.
Size Calculator
Tells you the characters used, the number of parts and any advanced alphabet characters used in your message
Opt Out Management
End users opting out of future messages from you is automatically handled
Upfront Pricing
Preview the price of each message and the total cost of the job before committing

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Feature Office 365 Office 365 Office 365 Add In ExcelSend Logo Web ExcelSend Portal ms store logo Desktop Windows 10 App
merge fields from sheet
preview message list before sending
  See it in action See it in action See it in action
.xls and .xlsx formats
select sheet with row count
save message templates to local drives
save message templates to the cloud
no data upload required
upload sheets from anywhere
deselect messages in preview list
accessible by mobile phone
specify message send time
use send-time from spreadsheet
pick reply number for any US state
receive replies by email
respond to replies by email
import replies back in to spreadsheet
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